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Criminal Defense Attorney
Serving Frisco, Texas and Surrounding Areas

If you’ve recently been charged with a crime, it’s important to secure representation as quickly as possible. A conviction could affect nearly every aspect of your life, from your employment opportunities to your personal relationships. You could also be forced to pay hefty fines or even serve jail time. Don’t leave your future up to chance. Let an experienced criminal defense attorney fight for the justice you deserve.

Contact me today at the Law Office of Dawn R Hedlund, PLLC. I’m ready to help you build a strategic defense case after a criminal accusation. No matter what charges you’re up against, I have what it takes to skillfully defend you and your rights. I am proud to represent clients located throughout Denton and Collin counties. Schedule a consultation with me if you need defense representation in Frisco, Allen, or Plano, Texas. You can also text me at (469) 854-1900 for an immediate response.

Defending a Variety of Charges

Far too often, I’ve seen the criminal justice system take advantage of the people it’s designed to protect. If this situation sounds familiar, reach out to me for an aggressive legal defense backed by decades of experience. I represent clients in a wide range of criminal cases, such as those involving:

  • DWIs

  • Expunctions and non-disclosures

  • Drug offenses

  • Youthful offenders

  • Domestic violence and other assault charges

I understand that in moments as stressful as these, you need more than just a knowledgeable attorney; you also need a partner you can trust to have you back every step of the way. Schedule a consultation with me today to find out how I can be both.

Put your future in the hands of a confident and capable attorney. Reach out today to start building your defense.

Common Defense Arguments

Having practiced in the area of criminal law since 2002, I’ve learned how to build a robust defense strategy. Once you’ve told me about the circumstances surrounding your case, I can start formulating potential arguments, which may include things like:

  • Coercion

  • Entrapment

  • Mistaken identity

  • Lab errors that led to false readings

  • False accusations

  • Insufficient evidence

  • Evidence needing to be suppressed due to its violation of the Fourth Amendment

With something as important as your freedom on the line, I’m prepared to exhaust all possible options that may lead to a dismissed or reduced charge. For strategic defense representation in Frisco, Texas, or any of its surrounding areas, get in touch with me today at the Law Office of Dawn R Hedlund, PLLC.

Fierce Advocacy in Your Time of Need

When searching for a criminal defense attorney, don’t choose a general practitioner or public defender. Because these individuals are so inundated with clients, they likely won’t be able to offer your case the focus it deserves. This lack of attention may result in them pushing for a plea deal instead of fighting to clear your name.

Don’t settle for less than truly committed legal counsel. At the Law Office of Dawn R Hedlund, PLLC, I’ll be your advocate and your ally from start to finish. Having spent years defending my fellow Texans, I’m ready to use what I’ve learned to help you seek a fair outcome for your case. In addition to defense representation, I also work with those looking to expunge their criminal records. Let me walk you through the steps of pursuing a clean slate.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Taking on the criminal justice system can be daunting. Let me guide you through it. Whether you’re facing misdemeanor or felony charges, I’m ready to fight for an outcome that allows you to move forward. For more information on your legal options, contact my office to set up a consultation. I’ve been serving clients in the Frisco area since 2002. When you need an experienced attorney in Allen, Plano, or anywhere else in Collin or Denton County, get in touch with me today.