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Domestic Violence & Assault Charges Attorney Serving Allen, Texas and Surrounding Areas

If you're facing domestic violence charges, you need a criminal defense attorney that knows how to defend against a domestic violence charge. I combine experience with dedication to help my clients defend themselves against these complex charges. I take time to understand the details of each case and build a reputable defense for each client.

Domestic Violence and Assault

Often, clients who face domestic violence charges feel they have no choice but to face conviction for their actions. Non-violent individuals find themselves facing sexual abuse charges, domestic battery and assault charges, and other criminal convictions. As a criminal defense attorney, I work with clients in Frisco, Texas, to help create a solid defense against domestic violence charges.

Domestic Violence Charges Texas

The state of Texas defines domestic or family violence as "an act by a member of a family or household against another member of the family or household that is intended to result in physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or sexual assault or that is a threat that reasonably places the member in fear of imminent physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or sexual assault." This law covers domestic abuse, sexual abuse charges, and physical assault against a family member. Additionally, Texas courts consider some instances of intimate stalking and harassment as domestic violence. However, the law specifies acts of self-defense do not constitute domestic violence under Texas law.

Consequences of Domestic Violence and Assault Convictions

Individuals in Collin County, Denton County, and other areas of Texas convicted of domestic violence and assault may face a variety of consequences. The severity of the conviction determines the exact penalties an individual faces at the time of conviction. Penalties may range from fines of anywhere from $500 to $4000, up to a year of jail time, and in severe cases, a sentence of two to ten years in the Texas state penitentiary. Family violence charges may also result in the convicted individual losing custody of minor children in their care and being assigned state-mandated anger management courses.

Alongside facing files, jail time, and a criminal record, Texas residents face several other consequences as the result of a domestic violence conviction. Many Texas employers refuse to hire individuals who have a criminal background and a domestic violence conviction. Additionally, this impacts an individual's housing prospects, as many residential property management groups will deny applicants with a criminal record.

Finally, domestic battery and assault charges in Texas result in a loss of certain privileges. Namely, if you are convicted of sexual abuse charges or other physical assault against a family member, you may no longer receive a Texas hunting and fishing license. Finally, these charges exclude you from the ability to own and carry a firearm in the state of Texas.

Defending Yourself Against Domestic Violence Charges

There are a variety of ways to defend yourself if you're facing domestic battery/assault charges. When working with me as your criminal defense lawyer, I can help you build a case that provides a solid defense against even the most difficult charges.

The most common defense against domestic violence charges is a false accusation. In many cases, victims falsely accuse my clients of domestic violence in an effort to receive compensation from the accused. I work with my clients to build false accusation cases to protect them from this type of wrongful accusation.

Another common defense involves a lack of intent. In these cases, the individual accused of domestic violence may have caused an individual serious injury but did not do so purposefully. This defense often focuses on whether or not the accused was actively trying to harm the victim.

Finally, the third most common defense against a domestic assault/battery charge is self-defense. Texas law states that domestic violence does not constitute acts that take place as the result of self-defense. This defense works best for cases in which the accused injured another person who had intended to cause them harm.

Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Ultimately, Frisco, Texas, residents agree that the most effective way to defend yourself against domestic assault/battery charges is by choosing the right criminal defense attorney. Working with someone who understands your case and knows their way around domestic assault charges is vital to achieving a favorable outcome in the courtroom.

I work diligently in Plano and Allen, Texas, the Collin and Denton counties, and the surrounding areas to help my clients create a strong defense against criminal defense charges because I know how a criminal record can negatively impact an individual for the rest of their life. If you are facing a domestic violence charge, I encourage you to reach out to me today so that we can work together on your case.