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When you are facing a DUI/DWI, you want a criminal defense lawyer who is knowledgeable and aggressive. I understand the personal nature of criminal cases and how they can instantly change your life’s trajectory forever. You need someone in your corner who will listen to your perspective and devise a strategy specifically tailored for you.

Every citizen is entitled to high-quality legal representation regardless of their criminal record, and I am an attorney who values the rights our legal system has granted you. Call or text me at (469) 854-1900 today for a criminal defense lawyer you can trust to navigate the best outcome for your unique situation if you are in Frisco, Texas, or the surrounding areas of Plano, Allen, Collin County, or Denton County.

What is Considered a DUI/DWI in Texas?

DWI is officially used in Texas to describe anyone driving while intoxicated. However, DUI is used interchangeably with DWI when referring to these situations. Anyone found with a blood-alcohol level of .08% or more or operating a vehicle while intoxicated violates Texas’s DWI laws. Intoxicated is defined as lacking the normal use of your mental or physical faculties due to the ingestion of alcohol, drugs, or other substance. Texas has zero-tolerance laws for anyone under the age of 21. They cannot get behind the wheel of a vehicle with a detectable level of alcohol in their system.

It is also possible to receive a DWI even if you are not driving. The term “operate” has a broad meaning under Texas law and includes any action that affects the function of the vehicle and enables its use.

If you have been lawfully arrested for a DWI and refuse the sobriety tests, you can face a period of license suspension due to Texas’s implied consent laws. Negotiating a plea bargain is only likely if the court throws out critical evidence that would support the charge. There are instances where you can receive a reduction to a wet reckless charge. That is a reckless driving offense involving alcohol or drugs.

Penalties vary and are dependent upon whether you have prior convictions. They may include jail time, fines, license suspension, and an ignition interlock device (IID). You may be ordered as a condition of bond and, or probation to install an IID. It is a breathalyzer that connects directly to your vehicle’s ignition system. The car will only start when someone with alcohol-free breath blows into a tube; if alcohol is detected when you blow into the IID, the device records and transmits the data to the court or Department of Motor Vehicles.

Anyone residing in Frisco, Texas, or the neighboring areas of Plano, Allen, Collin County, or Denton County facing a drunk driving charge should call or text right away. The legal system can be intimidating, especially when you do not know the ins and outs of the law. I am an aggressive attorney who will fiercely defend your rights and use the facts of the case to help you receive the best possible outcome.

DWI Defense Attorney Serving Frisco, Texas

You need a competent and trustworthy DWI attorney to help you through this difficult time. Facing such a complex matter alone without full knowledge of the DWI laws in Texas can lead to a cascade of unnecessary events that will have a profoundly negative impact on your life. So, don’t wait. Reach out now, and I will strive to minimize the penalties when possible so you can focus on your future needs.