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In my years of experience, I’ve formed the mantra that if you seek to better the world, the strongest influence you can have is in improving the lives of children. Serving as a youthful offenders attorney in Texas allows me to do just that. Learn more about how I can help you and your child by setting up a consultation or text me at (469) 854-1900 for an immediate response.

What is a Youthful Offender?

The youngest a person can be charged in the state of Texas is at 10 years of age, beginning on the day of their tenth birthday. An offender who is at least 10 and under the age of 17 is considered a youthful offender. Their crimes can range from class C misdemeanors - the least severe (convictions are typically a fine of $500) - up to serious felonies.

I'm committed to providing personalized and compassionate attention to each and every one of my clients, no matter the severity of their accusation. I am ready to serve clients in Frisco and Plano, as well as those located throughout Collin and Denton counties.

What You Need to Know

When a youthful offender is taken into custody, they must be directly transported to a juvenile processing office without unnecessary delay. As their parent/guardian, you must also be promptly notified of their whereabouts and the reason they were taken into custody. If the case ends up going to court, you (or another parent or guardian) are required to accompany them in court. I understand that this process is highly emotional; I will be here to answer your questions honestly and amicably every step of the way.

Within 48 hours from when a juvenile is taken into custody, a court or magistrate must conduct a detention hearing to determine whether to release or detain them until the date of their court appearance. The person responsible for taking your child into custody will then either release them to you or another trusted adult. If no adult is present and school is still in session, your child will be delivered to their school. If detained, they will bring them to a detention facility designated by the juvenile board. If they’ve sustained any injuries or are believed to be in need of medical help, they will be brought to a medical facility.

No matter their offense, intentional and secure delivery of your child to where they need to be is required by Texas law. Protecting these rights is a top concern of mine.

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It’s my belief and mission as a juvenile defense attorney that my clients and the rest of their lives are not defined by a crime they committed at a young age. When I serve you and your family, I dedicate the necessary time and energy to make sure your child receives the fair treatment and rehabilitation opportunities they deserve.

At the Law Office of Dawn R Hedlund, PLLC, I act with diligence to map out legal strategies that will benefit not only your child’s case but their future wellbeing. Contact me today for the dedicated representation your family deserves.

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You don’t want the future of your child in the hands of chance. Exercise their right to an experienced attorney. Let me put my decades of experience serving the families of Texas to work for your child’s case. I'm ready to help and passionate about pursuing strengthening resolutions for all my clients.

Reach out to me at the Law Office of Dawn R Hedlund, PLLC for approachable legal assistance. I’ve been providing legal counsel to clients and their families since 2002, making me the knowledgeable partner you want in your corner.

From my office in Allen, I proudly serve clients in Frisco and Plano, as well as those located throughout Collin and Denton counties.