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The Best!!

I love Dawn she went threw the details of my case and she really fought to get my case dismissed!!!


Qualified, Expert Representation

When faced with a situation that required defense representation, my family member was fortunate to have Dawn recommended. Resolution of the issue was delayed by the effects of COVID shutdown. She provided expert, timely attention, giving update data throughout what turned out to be several months. Her research, strategy, and willingness to keep the client involved and able to participate was absolutely wonderful. Words are not available to thank her for the excellent representation. If you want the BEST you can depend on Dawn.


Amazing Attorney

This attorney did amazing things for my family and I I cannot put into words how grateful I am for her and all that she has done. She truly cares about her clients and I consider her family now.


Teenager Trouble

When our teenager who had never been in trouble for ANYTHING was arrested for a felony drug charge, we were shocked and terrified. Dawn was recommended by an attorney friend who said that she is who he would call if it were his kid. She was very upfront regarding fees, what she could do for those fees, and immediately went to work on our case. She didn't sugar coat anything and told us exactly what we should do and we did it. And she did exactly what she said. She is professionally well connected and knew who she would be talking to in the court system and what they would expect from us/her to have the best outcome. We did have the best outcome. I would definitely recommend her for any needs.

-Tracy Smith

Dawn is great

I hired Dawn on a referral from my family law attorney. My ex previously lost child custody of our children to me and was trying to punnish me through the criminal justice system. She filed false charges of harassment so to have the criminal justice system do her dirty work. The local police dept. should have done their job in throwing her complaint out, but didn't. Dawn, knowing many of the prosecutors simply showed them there was no evidence of any harassment and had the case dismissed before going to trial. Thank you Dawn for your experience and professionalism.


Dawn Won

Dawn Hedlund was appointed to me at a very scary time in my life. I was being charged with a DWI. Up until that point, I had never had any run-ins with law enforcement and my working knowledge of the law and legal process was subpar at best and I was incredibly fortunate to have been appointed Ms. Hedlund. As far as first time experiences go, I could not have asked for a better one. After my arrest, I was in limbo. Hung over my head was a cloud of uncertainty that would remain from the initial arrest date until the final resolution (which Dawn won). While the situation was scary, Ms. Hedlund was there every step of the way, always able to articulately explain the entire process to keep me informed and always ready to answer any questions I had (and I had many, adding “most patient person ever” to her list of accolades.) Ms. Hedlund is a true master at her craft, professional and passionate; respectful and caring. It is clear Ms. Hedlund knows the legal process inside and out and always her client’s best interests in mind.

The decision to go to trial was mine to make and a difficult one. I was extremely fortunate to have Ms. Hedlund go through all the facts for me to make an educated decision and even further fortunate to have her as representation during the trial. I can’t think of any other situation where I was as nervous as I was sitting through trial. Dawn fought hard during trial and it was admirable to watch someone performing with such mastery. Her mastery put my fears at ease. It was a lot like jumping out of a plane for the first time while strapped in with the flight instructor, I was terrified but at the same time confident I would make through because there was someone on my side with a lot more knowledge than I had.

Ideally, I hope to never require legal services in the future, but if I ever did or needed to recommend one to anyone I know, I would highly recommend Ms. Hedlund. Ms. Hedlund's fine understanding of law, professionalism, courtesy to her clients, combined with her knowledge of the ins and outs of the Collin County Court System are the reasons I strongly recommend Dawn Hedlund.


Youth Representation Through Disposition and Sealing of Record

Dawn was a terrific attorney. She was there for our family each step of the way supporting our family inside and outside the courtroom. She was tough and followed through on everything she said she would. We were able to get the record sealed in a timely manner. We would absolutely use Dawn again in the future.


Good lawyer

She a lawyer that’s honest and straight to the point. She very book and law Savvy to the tee with your situation. Plus very reliable to your every need top notch to my book. The best lawyer a person could have in a bind. Dawn is the greatest of all time she a winner and highly favored in my book. If want to win go for dawn!!!


Best Lawer Hands Down! Want to Win Choose Dawn!!!

Dawn is such a brilliant lawyer. I am so grateful for her passion, dedication, and professionalism. She truly is the best I've ever worked with. She has amazing analytical skills, good research skills, great speaking, and listening skill. Her ability to react quickly and positively was very pleasant to work with. I appreciate everything she did for me and more. She knows the law and does her research. Best Lawer in Dallas/DFW area! Definitely recommend Dawn!


A True Blessing

Dawn was referred to me by a family member and was highly recommended. From the beginning, she was up front and honest with my family and me. Our case lasted over a year and during that time it was evident that not only was Dawn an excellent attorney, but she has morals and heart, which is not typically synonymous with attorneys. She fought hard for my family and me, and we were able to get a very favorable outcome.


DWI Charge Dismissed!

I was arrested for DWI. I got pulled over leaving a party in 2015. It took 7 months for this to finally come to a resolution. Dawn filed a Motion to Suppress the case because she felt that the police officer who pulled me over had violated my rights and had no legal justification to do it so. During the hearing, Dawn was very well articulated at getting her points and reasoning across to justify the suppression and she WON! She was very honest with me from day 1 after seeing all the evidence and put on the table all the possible outcomes to my problem but also she did her best on fighting for me, always going the extra mile. She responded to all of my emails, calls and text messages in a timely manner if I ever had a question. After several months were able to finalize my case beyond my expectations.
I would recommend Dawn to everyone who may end up needing her services.


Proven Results

I hired Dawn Hedlund to handle a citation that had a more severe impact on pending family court matters than the punishment that the ticket itself held. Dawn is very knowledgeable and very wise. She is keen on the ways of city prosecutors and was able to negotiate accordingly a deal that included a less serious charge with a lighter punishment that had no effect on my pending family court case. Additionally, she was able to negotiate the fee for the new charge/citation down to something that minimally impacted my financial situation. Dawns fees were reasonable and fair. I recommend Dawn Hedlund for anyone looking for legal defense at the city level. I only limit this recommendation based on my experience, but would definitely call Dawn on other legal matters in the future, if needed.